How can I open?

Have you considered all of your options to be able to serve your clients' needs? Are there ways you could turn your business into a temporary mobile version? Have you brainstormed with your employees for ideas to innovate new ways of sharing your skills? I know zoom has been a critical part of life for all of us and is now one of the best ways to connect on a personal level. Heck, I have used it for years in my business! What is within your power to actually continue to network and attract new clients now and for the re-opening? This is no special time to be thinking about this because we should be doing this all the time anyway! But now it is more important than ever....Do you think you are open but half your B2B clients have since closed up shop? Ouch!!! What new strategies are you implementing in this changing environment? Some of these questions could be painful to some of you. However, they need to be asked.