You Turn Me Right 'Round Baby, Right 'Round

The biggest area of turn-key businesses is franchises. There is a franchise for every industry

in the world and they are fairly easy to acquire and come with practically a pop out of

the box pre-assembled system. McDonald’s is a prime example. In fact, $40 billion,

28,707 strong example.

There are a few things we are going to talk about:

  • Business Format Franchise

  • The Franchise Prototype

  • Franchise Prototype Standards

Business Format Franchise

The business format franchise came from an earlier model call the “trade name”

franchise. The big change was in the rights. During the “trade name” days the franchise

owner only had marketing right’s, now franchise owners have ownership rights to the

entire business including systems. This has allowed for a shift in focus to go from the

quality and name recognition of the products carrying the business to sales techniques

that carry the business.

The Franchise Prototype

It was really the franchise prototypes that allowed for the changes to be made that help

today’s franchises really shine with the techniques developed by the owners instead of

the corporation. This can make a significant difference in the success of the franchise as

the owner can custom tailor their marketing and promotions to the direct needs of their

local target customers.

Franchise Prototype Standards

Now, the above being said, no one in their right mind would purchase a franchise if the

parent company didn’t have a solid plan of action set up to ensure the prospective

success of the business. So, there are a few standards that are put into place that helps

jump-start the process of opening a successful franchise.

Build a model of prospective customers/clients, suppliers, creditors, and employees who

will consistently offer high-quality work.

1. Build a user-friendly model that can be used by individuals of any skill set.

2. Build a defect-free model.

3. Build a model with Operations Manuals.

4. Build a model that will provide guaranteed, consistent results.

5. Build a model that encompasses the same branding in color, dress, and facilities


These are all ways the parent corporation makes sure their brand stays the same and in

front of the minds of customers. When you are purchasing a widely-known brand

you will attract customers just for being you.

If you are considering purchasing a franchise, talk with one of our experienced business

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